Podium Presentations:

Outcome Of Platelet Rich Plasma In Refractory Lateral Elbow Tendinosis
Authors: Baseem Choudhry, Neeraj Ahuja, David Clark, Marius Espag, Amol Tambe, Timothy Cresswell

V-Y Plasty Of The Common Extensor Origin For Recalcitrant Lateral Elbow Tendinosis
Authors: Neeraj Ahuja, Baseem Choudhry, David Clark, Tim Cresswell, Amol Tambe, Marius Espag

Outcomes Of Arthroscopic Revision Rotator Cuff Repair.
Authors: Francisco Barbosa, Andrew Titchener, Amol Tambe, Marius Espag, Tim Cresswell, David Clark

Poster Presentations:

Chronic Adhesive Capsulitis [Frozen Shoulder]: Comparative Outcomes Of Treatment In Patients With Diabetes And Obesity
Authors: Francisco Barbosa, Girish Swamy, Hatem Salem, Tim Cresswell, Marius Espag, Amol Tambe, David Clark

A New Clinical Pathway For Acute Traumatic Shoulder Dislocations In A Teaching Hospital Setting: Quality Improvement Project.
Authors: Andrew Titchener, Prithviraj Hallikeri, Anil Krishan, Marcus Bateman, Amol Tambe, Marius Espag, Tim Cresswell, David Clark